Emergency Preparedness Planning – Are You Prepared?

If you have lived in the greater Houston area for any length of time you know the question on everyone’s mind isn’t if a catastrophic event will occur, but when will it occur?  Whether it is flooding like we have seen in the recent year or a hurricane or tropical storm, emergency preparedness isn’t just smart planning, it is a necessity.

Fortunately, Harris County is better prepared for a disaster than many other metropolitan areas in the nation. Although “Harris County is a national model for emergency preparedness and response” according to County Judge Ed Emmett, your ability to survive a catastrophic event depends on you planning and preparing for the unexpected.

Harris County Improvement District No. 18 (HCID18) wants to help our community plan and prepare for the unexpected by providing you with information and useful resources that can assist in you in your efforts.  On the District’s new website will you will find numerous links to emergency preparedness websites and helpful phone numbers that will help you not only plan for and event, but help you stay abreast of the event as it unfolds.

So please visit our website at www.HCID18.com and let us help you stay safe and prepared.  Also visit www.readyharris.org to receive emergency alerts from Harris County.